Starting from Ioannina in 1957 and bringing with him the knowledge of pure traditional bakery Mr.Nikolaos Berris creates his first traditional bakery in Nea Makri Attica. Starting with the idea “tradition of quality”, at 2004 in the Industrial Area of Ioannina , the Company Berris S.A. has founded , using 1000m2 new owned facilities. Because of the pure ingredients and the authentic flavors the Company became in a sort time a well known brand.

Through a very successful 54 years journey to the art of bakery . today Mr,Berris classified by the company Berris S.A. and his bakery “Berris” at the 26th Km Marathonos Avenue in Rafina , among the most recognized entrepreneurs in the field of bakery and confectionary.

The products are daily produced with skill and passion, based on recipes derived exclusively from the Region of Epirus ( a region known for its tradition in the bakery field) , by pure ingredients and high quality raw materials.