The snacks contribute significantly to meet the nutrition needs and to better regulate metabolic parameters of the human body.
A balanced eating pattern is based on a variety of food consumption both during the main meals ( breakfast , lunch , dinner ) and small meals , helping the best possible distribution of calories and nutrients , keeping the body constantly vigilant.

Enrich your snacks with fresh Berris products and choose a delicious combination that suits you!


Traditional cookies of Ioannina kkneaded with high quality ingredients snd autherntic spices!


A variety of crunchy breadsticks for every hours of the day. They will excite you with their taste!


Kataifi and Baklava with authentic herbs soaked in syrup is the sweetest escape in the tradition of Ioannina!


Kourabiedes & Melomakarina! Each year we bring the sents of holidays into your home with the freshest ingredients